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Caverta is intended to treat the male impotency and performs well serving its purpose. Unfortunately the problem of sexual disorder is rather frequent today. The different physical and psychological causes result in erectile dysfunction, which makes men to suffer and feel unhappy. The so-called inhibitors, these include Caverta, help to attain rigidity of a penis due to enhanced blood flow and to renew a long erection during a sexual intercourse. The pill enables to avoid early ejaculation and can be also helpful if there is erection but not hard enough. The medicine can be used by men of all ages.

Caverta is a product of the Indian pharmaceutical giant Sun Pharma, which gained the reputation of a top-level company among the suppliers of the medicinal products as well as the users of its products. Caverta is a generic analog of the world-famous preparation for male sexual inability – Viagra. Though different in color, Caverta possesses the same excellent qualities and high level of safety as its brand counterpart.

Caverta 100mg

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This Viagra analogue is sold in tablets with the patient information attached, so that a man can read the instructions as to dosage and precautions. If there are any doubts, a doctor should be visited for a consultation. Caverta begins to work in half an hour after it was administered through oral route. The duration of its effect is equal approximately 4 hours. The overdosing involves troubles. There are also some restrictions, which are to be considered. For example, the greasy food, alcohol, grapefruit can counterbalance the effect of the pill that is why a patient should refrain from these products taking the pills.

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How to Take Caverta?

The intake of Caverta should be agreed with your healthcare provider. You can buy this medication only on prescription, as it may cause some danger to men suffering from certain health conditions.

Take the tablet at least 30 – 60 minutes before planned sexual activity. Food may alter the time needed for the preparation to come into effect. For this reason, you’d better use Caverta on an empty stomach. Don’t crush or chew the tablet because it tastes bitter. Wash the pill down with a full glass of water. The duration of the effects of this medicine ranges from 4 to 5 hours, yet, as the studies claim, about 73% of men can still achieve a strong erection 12 hours since administering the tablet.

Caverta Dosage

The active component of Caverta is called sildenafil citrate. Depending on the amount of sildenafil in each Caverta tablet, the preparation is available in three dosages: 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg. The dose you need depends on several factors:

  • Your age;
  • The severity of your erectile dysfunction symptoms;
  • The cause of impotence;
  • The presence/absence of any comorbidities;
  • Your response to the treatment.

The common starting dose of Caverta to treat erectile dysfunction is either 25 mg or 50 mg. Depending on the efficacy, it can be increased to 50 mg or 100 mg, respectively.

Side Effects

Similarly to other ED treatments containing sildenafil, Caverta is quite safe. However, about 25% of its users may experience some light or moderate side effects of the medication. The reactions reported most often are listed below:

  • Flushing of the face;
  • Heartburn;
  • Headache;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Stuffy nose;
  • Dizziness.

Usually, these do not demand medical help and disappear soon after the effects of the medicine are over. Anyway, you’d better check with your doctor in case the symptoms persist or get worse. Severe reactions to Caverta happen in about 2% of all patients. They mainly show through chest pain, vision abnormalities, and changes in the heart rhythm. Hypersensitivity reactions are rare with this drug. Talk with your pharmacist to learn some more details.

How Does Caverta Work?

Being a member of the PDE-5 inhibitors group of drugs, sildenafil works by enhancing the supply of blood to the male genitals. This becomes possible due to the dilation of the blood vessels and the relaxation of the cavernous bodies of the penis induced by the medication. By filling with enough amounts of blood, the male genital organ gets firm enough for sexual intercourse.

This mechanism is triggered by the release of nitric oxide in the tissues of the blood vessels, which happens when a man is sexually stimulated and feels sexually aroused. Otherwise, the effect of getting the treatment with Caverta will be null.

Caverta vs. Brand Viagra

People often need days when deciding which of the two medicines to buy. It’s not surprising taking into account the differences in the price of the brand Viagra pills and Caverta. To ease this task, let’s find out about the differences and the similarities of the two:

  • Efficacy. Both brand Viagra and Caverta contain identical amounts of sildenafil citrate. Therefore, their efficiency rate is similar.
  • Safety. The formulas of these preparations are very similar. Therefore, the frequency and the severity of adverse reactions they may cause are the same.
  • Quality. Both medicines are produced in accordance with the strict international standards of medication quality. Therefore, you get a quality product regardless of whether it is a brand or a generic.
  • Price. The cost of Caverta is several times lower if compared to the brand drug. This is due to the absence of the need to get a license for the medication. Besides, the generic-producing company makes no investments in drug development, studies, etc., which make it possible to sell Caverta cheaper.
  • Design. Another difference between the brand Viagra and Caverta is the design of the package and the pills. Brand tablets are blue, whereas Caverta pills are red.

Who Can Take Caverta?

Men treated with Caverta should be older than 18 and have trouble with getting and keeping an erection. Healthy individuals won’t benefit from using this medication, yet they have high risks for developing some side effects to the drug. Caverta is not advised in women and children.

This medicine is contraindicated in men suffering from the following health conditions:

  • Heart disease;
  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure (hypertension);
  • A recent history of heart attack or stroke;
  • Past cases of priapism;
  • NAION;
  • Severe liver or kidney disease;
  • Blood cell disorder, etc.
  • Taking Caverta for the First Time

    Men who only plan to start their treatment with Caverta should get professional medical advice concerning the dose they need. The common recommendations say that men with some comorbidities and those who have crossed the age of 65 should take a 25 mg dose. If needed, it can be increased to 50 mg. Other users are advised to initiate the therapy with a 50 mg dose with the possibility to titrate it to a 100 mg dose. Never exceed this dose, as it may trigger overdose symptoms.

    Taking Caverta with other Medications

    To avoid hazardous interactions, avoid taking Caverta with such meds:

  • Riociguat;
  • Nitric oxide donors;
  • Antihypertensives;
  • ’Azole’ antifungals;
  • HIV protease inhibitors;
  • Macrolide antibiotics.
  • What if Caverta Doesn’t Work?

    Sildenafil, Caverta main ingredient, works for 82% of men with ED. It may be not effective if the dose has been chosen wrong or you use the medication wrong (e.g. take it with food, abuse alcohol). Check with a specialist to know if you are taking the medication correctly. Otherwise, you should try taking generic Cialis tablets or generic Levitra.

    Medically reviewed by Dr Brad McKay.