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  • Product: Vigora
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  • Active ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Medical form: pill
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  • Delivery time: April 30 - May 09 (9-18 days) Airmail
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To get fuller erection during sexual intercourse use Vigora! With this medicine a penis works like clockwork after a proper stimulation. Be sure it does not let you down! Vigora is officially prescribed and approved by FDA for treatment of erectile dysfunction. Today in the market there are quite a lot of medical products with the same purpose containing different active ingredients, but Vigora functions are without unwanted effects, which are possible with Viagra or Cialis. It works quick and with guarantee.

The principle component of the drug is Sildenafil that improves relaxation of the smooth muscle tissue with a help of nitric oxide. This agent usually appears in a male organism, when a man is excited. So the mechanism of the drug influence is very close to natural. The relaxation results in elevated blood circulation into a penis and an erection. The effect appears in around an hour after the intake. The administration of the drug does not mean that the sex without it will be difficult in the future. Vigora has a mild action and can be refused at any time, when there is no need in it. But with the medicine a patient gets a continuous potency and wanted endurance.

Vigora 100mg

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 100 mg x 60 pills$186.45$3.12$98.09Add to Cart
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Vigora is used as necessary without binding condition of dosing routine. Just take a pill and get a result! You’ll appreciate a simple procedure! But still there are some precautions and even contradictions, which must be followed so that the side effects might be avoided.

Our pharmacy suggests that you could purchase Vigora in Australia of high quality to your benefit getting 10% discount for the next purchases. Just fill in the form on our site! The medicine will be delivered to you in no time! And if your order makes AU$279 and above, the delivery will be free of charge. Save your money with us and have a brilliant sex with your partner!

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