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Impotence (erectile dysfunction)

By on May 16, 2019

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is violation of supplying blood to penis, as a result of which it`s impossible to perform sex. Impotence is broader concept that includes ED, decreased libido, and in general can be presented as lack of fertilizing ability. About erectile dysfunction say when man has difficulty in preserving erection of penis during entire sexual intercourse (at any of its stages).

Thus, partners may have problems with conduct of normal sexual intercourse, which often adversely affects psychology of relationships. Erectile dysfunction can occur in man at any age, but there is evidence that more often it develops in patients of middle and older age. Causes of erectile dysfunction can be both somatic diseases (for example, diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension) and psychological.

In most clinical cases, erectile dysfunction is curable. Treatment of erectile dysfunction is prescribed based on identified causes and is selected individually for each patient. In Germany, there are approximately 3-5 million patients with presence of erectile dysfunction.

What is worth knowing about disease?

For good understanding why erectile dysfunction occurs, you need to know how erection appears. Tension of penis or erection is provided by cavernous (cavernous) bodies, situated inside penis and have cellular sponge structure.

When male experiences sex arousal, impulses flow from brain through spinal cord and further along peripheral nerves to cavernous bodies, triggering release of vasodilators into them. Here is narrowing of penis veins, reduced blood flow. Combination of it leads to complete erection.

Erection disorders: causes

Erection disorders can be caused by two groups of causes: psychological (psychogenic) and somatic (organic). Studies of the last 20 years have shown that erectile dysfunction is quite rarely caused by purely psychological reasons (stress, depression, behavioral patterns, etc.).

At the same time, it became known that about 80% of all cases of erectile disorders are due to any physical (somatic, organic) conditions. These include diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol and vascular atherosclerosis, renal and hepatic failure, thyroid disease, hormonal disorders, effects of operations on prostate gland and rectum, trauma and diseases of spinal cord and brain (stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.), effects of pelvic injuries, Peyronie’s disease.

Erection disorders can also be caused by taking certain medications. Persistent erectile dysfunction can develop as a result of bad habits such as drinking, smoking and taking drugs. Common opinion, not only among population, but unfortunately among doctors, that genital infections and chronic prostatitis can be causes of ED, has nothing to do with reality and is erroneous.

Waiting for significant improvement in impaired erection after treatment of chronic prostatitis or sexually transmitted infections is completely useless.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Today, medicine has made great strides in erectile dysfunction treatment options. After thorough examination, taking into account individual characteristics, you will be selected best treatment for you. Risk factors for erectile dysfunction will be corrected, which can allow to significantly improve your erection.

Modern therapeutic arsenal for erectile dysfunction treatments includes drug treatment with tablet preparations, vacuum erectile therapy, injections of drugs stimulating erection in penis, therapy with method of biofeedback. Well, in those cases where natural treatment for erectile dysfunction and conservative methods don`t help, problem is best solved with help of phalloprosthetic procedure.




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