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How to save man from problems with potency?

By on May 17, 2019

Honor, as you know, you need to keep young. And what is honor for modern man? Of course, potency! That same potency, which at 17 years seems immortal, at 30 for half of men – the first cause for concern, and at 40 – main reason for mild sadness for 65% of men who already know what prostatitis is, impaired erectile function and other very unpleasant diagnoses.

And who, if not us women, should take care that our men retain their potency to ripe old age? We will observe main rules, that will help your man to remain “in line” longer.

Ruining men isn`t beer, ruining men riding!

Yes, doctors claim that first candidates for early potency problems are professional drivers or men who drive more than four hours a day.

Constant shaking on unevenness of road leads to impaired blood circulation in genitals, congestive prostate inflammation, and influence erection and desire. There are a lot of ways to change time of car driving, but they are neglected.

Despite numerous warnings, drivers are in close contact with gasoline. Even in case of no obvious poisoning of body, ingress of gasoline vapors into blood hardlt reduces male sexual ability.

Don`t let your husband go fishing!

Winter fishing lovers sitting on ice are at great risk of their potency. And also lovers of healthy lifestyle – “walruses”.

Watch your man nutrition

Ruthlessly limit your favorite cholesterol-rich foods: eggs, butter, liver, sausages of all kinds, fatty meats, etc. If he will get angry, put before choice: meat or potency. Let him think!

Potency men saves sport!

Active movement supports normal blood circulation. Buy your favorite subscription to fitness room or swimming pool.

Don`t rush to feed her husband with pills!

Even with noble goal of raising immunity. Male erectile function is very vulnerable spot. Therefore, follow fact that guy is in no hurry to use legal and not-so-stimulant potencies, as well as – sedatives and antihistamines – all this affects potency. Antidepressants, diuretics, cholesterol-lowering drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs may also affect sexual function.

Follow psychological health of your loved one

Frequent quarrels in family, increased nervousness at work and 90% of men under age of forty, suffering from disorders in sexual system, should “thank” for this chronic stress.

Persuade your guy to quit smoking

Let him limit alcohol use to minimum, less nervous. Yes, these are truisms. But after all, all ingenious is simple!

If problem is appear, new erectile dysfunction treatments will help. For example, herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction is best idea for men in all ages. Another good solution – Viagra and Cialis.

Urologist can also help and propose erectile dysfunction treatment natural.

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