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Vitamin D will allow you to stay in bed longer

By on May 24, 2019

If there are problems with erection and potency, men usually try to keep silent about it and even more so hide purchase of various drugs that allow you to stay longer in bed. Of course, who isn`t ashamed to say that yesterday at pharmacy, he bought couple of packs of Viagra. Whether vitamin D is matter. It sounds completely not reprehensible.

Vitamin D really affects potential

The fact that vitamin D increases potency, they know not all. And unlike drugs that stimulate erection here and now, this ingredient will help in long term. In India, study was conducted in which men (143 people) experienced problems with potency. More than half of them also suffered from vitamin D deficiency.

If these numbers aren`t very impressive, then study conducted at Johns Hopkins University in USA really makes you wonder about miraculous effects of this vitamin. Doctors examined 3,400 healthy Americans and found that those who suffer from vitamin D deficiency are 32% more likely to have erection problems.

Why we need Vitamin D?

Problem with vitamin D is much more urgent in Russia than in India or in USA, because first of all its source is sun (which we don’t have even in summer). Vitamin D is needed to maintain endothelial cells, which ensure proper functioning of blood vessels. Poor blood circulation affects not only erection, but also many other processes in body.

For example, lack of vitamin D can lead to fact that free radicals will form in blood – superoxides. They deplete blood vessels (or rather nitrogen oxides, which help vessels to work normally), and blood circulation slows down. Erection depends on how quickly blood circulates in body of man. Many doctors advise patients suffering from reduced potency to take blood test and check level of vitamin D. If it`s reduced, it`s necessary to replenish vitamin reserves in body.

What products contain Vitamin D?

The sun is not only source of vitamin. To regain their former passion in bed, doctors advise to change diet in favor of products containing vitamin D in large quantities. For example, fish – tuna, mackerel, salmon. Or beef liver. It`s also worth eating more eggs and dairy products (cheese, soy milk, cottage cheese) and drinking orange juice.

Can vitamin D be dangerous for health?

Yes maybe. Therefore, it`s very important not to overdo it in pursuit of sexual exploits. Nitrogen oxides help blood vessels to relax and pump blood faster. If blood circulation accelerates too much (which in itself is threat to health), emissions of vitamin D in body will increase.

Overabundance can lead to loss of appetite, increased pressure, cramps and muscle spasms, fatigue (which is unlikely to help in bed), exhaustion of bone mass and renal failure.

Is it worth starting Vitamin D with potential problems?

First you need to pass blood test and check level of vitamin D in blood. If indicators are significantly below normal, it`s worth contacting your doctor to find right vitamin complex that will help restore balance of elements in blood.

With minor deviations, you can change diet and eat more foods containing vitamin D. After few months, it`s better to take blood test again to track not only your progress in bed, but also state of body as a whole. After all, it`s unlikely that increased erection eliminates effects of renal failure, high pressure and weak bones.




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