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5 effective potency improvement recipes

By on May 30, 2019

For guys up to age of twenty-five, natural level of testosterone is great on its own, but after thirty, male power begins to fade. But there are recipes that will help not to lose their dignity and be confident in themselves at any age.

No strict diets and food restrictions!

Of course, greatest contribution to secretion of testosterone by body is nutrition. Professional nutritionist Irina Agarkova is sure that it`s strictly prohibited for men to limit themselves to eating. And all because low calorie intake depresses most body functions. Testosterone decreases immediately and leptin (hormone that regulates metabolism) rises.

Zinc – all over the head

Zinc is one of most important trace elements, which is necessary for male body to synthesize testosterone and maintain potency at high level. Daily rate of zinc is 10-15 mg. This amount is contained in 500 g of beef, 500 g of cheese, 400 g of pine nuts or 500-700 g of buckwheat, or 300 g of liver. In addition, a lot of zinc is included in seafood.


Good potency is impossible without vitamins. Vitamins C, F, and B are actively involved in synthesis of testosterone, and vitamin E protects testosterone molecule from decay. These vitamins are rich in lemons, grapefruits, wild rose, black currant, fish oil, avocado and nuts.



Meat is best friend of potency

Testosterone synthesis isn`t possible without cholesterol, which man should get with meat. So meat is best friend of potency. But not sausages and sausages, and beef and veal.

No extra weight

To always be in bed at height, refuse food garbage and harmful products. Scientists have proven overweight men have lower testosterone levels and slower metabolism. See guy in huge body? You can ascertain without analysis that he has low percentage of testosterone.

Keep green with you

Potency improves with greens! After all, celery, parsley, cilantro and spinach contain androsterone are hormone responsible for sexual desire. No less useful are ginseng and golden root. On their basis, made majority of drugs that increase testosterone and potency.

So that potency for many years remained high, lean on citrus fruits, nuts and meat, enter seafood and greens in menu and don`t forget about physical activity!

These simple rules will help you maintain good health and remain confident in bed until old age. If family life is dear to you and you want to enjoy sex with your beloved wife for as long as possible – don`t ignore these recommendations.





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