How to save good potency to old age?

By on May 22, 2019

According to statistics, about 75% of men at age of seventy have good erection, and regular intimacy. What is secret and how to preserve good potency to old age? Here are observations of scientists.

What is erectile dysfunction treatment? If you don`t want to understand it, read the next information.


Experts have shown that main factor in preservation of potency is regular sexual relations. If man eagerly switches to sports, work, fishing, etc., bed begins to be perceived only as place of rest. As result, level of testosterone decreases, and with it potency.

At risk are young people living on Internet, as well as businessmen, office workers and employees, whose activities are constantly associated with emotional stress. But be that as it may, but sex should be regular.

After three to four months of abstinence, erectile dysfunction may occur and it wouldn`t be easy to return to normal sexual life afterwards. According to observations of scientists, men with active sexual temperament make it easier and easier, but those with weak sexual constitution will restore their potency many times longer.

After 40 years

Men over forty need to reconsider their diet and lifestyle. Eliminate abundance of fatty, fried, smoked, stop smoking and not get involved in alcohol. Beer is better not to use. Add more greens, nuts and seafood to menu, as well as apples, strawberries, milk and bread.

It is advisable to begin to engage (those who didn`t) in any kind of sport. And, monitor level of cholesterol, as this indicator directly affects potency. Overweight men, of course, go on diet and try to throw off those extra pounds. If work is too harmful or stressful and there is opportunity to change it – it`s better to change it.

But you can`t rush to retire. According to research, working men have many times higher potency than homebodies.

What else should you know?

If there were first signs of declining potency, you may want to engage in winter swimming, yoga or jogging. In general, man shouldn`t forget way to gym at any age.

Only loads should be feasible and moderate. As with excessive tension of organism, potency may, on contrary, decrease. At least once a month, you need to visit bath – it`s good shake-up to vessels. But it`s in them all matter.

It follows that you also need to monitor cardiovascular system. During medical examinations, courses of prevention and homeopathic treatment for erectile dysfunction, if you suddenly need. In addition, we shouldn`t forget that positive emotions and good mood also affect potency. Sometimes, in order for erection to improve and corresponding mood appears, it`s enough to change situation or go on trip.

And, if ED suddenly appeared, that will be a good idea to use vacuum devices for erectile dysfunction treatment. Be careful and listen to your body. Remember, that severe erectile dysfunction treatment is much worse than its prediction.




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