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Potency is gone: what to do?

By on June 1, 2019

Men’s health, sexual power, distinguishing brutal sex from female, directly affects all aspects of life. And if erection at some point begins to fail, man is ready to try many methods for recovery.

What to do if potency is gone? How to find safe and high-quality way to restore it? Potency problems become apparent when it comes to sex. However, for quick solution, it`s not enough to take pill and forget about lethargy of erection. It`s possible to raise potency qualitatively only by establishing reasons for its weakening.

Common Causes of Reduced Potency

There is certain group of causes and factors that lead to both temporary and permanent deterioration of potency:

  • Urogenital diseases. Inflammatory processes often interfere with normal blood flow, worsening filling of penis with blood. This includes infections that can cause pain and negatively affect erection.
  • High cholesterol. Improper diet leads to increase in this indicator, which also affects blood vessels and impairs blood flow. Body simply doesn`t have enough pressure to give necessary erection and maintain it.
  • Low pressure. Blood vessels cannot maintain normal pressure, with result that erection either doesn`t occur at all or quickly weakens.
  • Diseases of heart and blood vessels. Blood is poorly pumped through body, which also affects deteriorated state of potency.
  • Excess weight leads to diseases of heart, blood vessels and other systems, as well as negative effect on psychological well-being. With obesity in men, level of estrogen increases, leading to inevitable problems with potency.
  • Chronic fatigue. Because of work, study or business, person is laid out at full capacity, which leads to depletion of body reserves. Mood, immunity deteriorates, rate of reactions decreases and potency weakens.
  • Increased physical loads. Sport gives health, but it can also be reason why potency is lost. Increased stress leads to damage to muscles and joints, as well as provoke injuries. Sometimes these exercises are accompanied by insomnia, and body goes into state of extreme economy of resources. Reproductive sphere in this regard is first to be hit and “turned off”.
  • Injuries to genitals. Any bruises and blows, as well as fractures (rupture of internal tissues) cause incredible pain during erection. Consequences of injuries can also affect future potency of man. Usually injuries occur during sports loads – bicycle and horse riding. Long-term occupation of these sports leads to injury of nerves and vessels of the perineum.
  • Back injuries. In particular, spinal cord controls transmission of impulses; if there was operation on it, transmission of these signals worsens. Contribute to loss of potency and various tumors in this area.
  • Hormonal failure. Hormones are responsible for all processes that occur in body. If testosterone levels decrease, and other hormones increase, erection worsens.
  • Alcohol and bad habits. Alcohol destroys blood vessels, liver and contributes to cell death throughout body, testicles are no exception. As a result, not only deteriorates quality of sperm, but also decreases nerve impulses sent by brain to penis. The same applies to smoking, which causes vasospasm and lowers blood pressure.
  • Use of anabolic steroids. Substances that are part of means to increase muscle, reduce testosterone levels. It is all about similarity of artificial additives with chemical structure of its own hormone, as a result, body ceases to produce natural testosterone.
  • Abuse of sweets. Increasing glucose levels adversely affect transmission of nerve impulses, slowing down all processes in body.
  • Psychological factor. Due to emotional traumas and feelings, potency may also deteriorate. Usually this category includes dissatisfaction with oneself, memories of terrible events, dissatisfaction with partner.

If man has lost his morning potency, then this may be completely natural process, and not sign of illness or impairment. With age, hormonal level changes, testosterone is produced worse, erection appears less frequently. This is especially noticeable after 40-50 years, and after 70 years, erections are almost always absent in men in morning.

How to quickly return erection?

If psychological aspects such as stress and overwork affect decrease in potency, then they can be quickly and easily got rid of using two methods: relaxing massage and sauna.

It`s not necessary to involve specialist to perform procedures; spouse or female partner can do it. After water procedures, when body is relaxed, you can hold gentle massage of testicles. Their work is activated, sperm production will improve. However, too much pressure on sexual organ shouldn`t be.

Recovering potency quickly and effectively is almost impossible without involvement of specialist if problem exists for long time. With age, treatment process becomes more difficult.

However, some of methods described may well be used without doctor’s appointment — diet, exercise, and the correct daily routine. After all, it is in these aspects of man’s life that his well-being and absence of erection problems lie.





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