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Hemorrhoids and potency: is there a connection?

By on June 2, 2019

According to statistics, from 45% to 85% of people worldwide experience symptoms of hemorrhoids. Men at age from 30 to 50 years are more prone to this disease, but every year hemorrhoids are increasingly diagnosed in very young people!

The following factors contribute to the development of hemorrhoids in men:

  • Sedentary, in particular, sedentary lifestyle.
  • Heavy physical exertion.
  • Stool disorders, particularly constipation.
  • Improper, irregular feeding.
  • Violation of hormonal levels.
  • Injuries to rectum and anus.

Most men ignore symptoms of disease, which delay process of diagnosis and treatment. This leads to emergence of various kinds of complications, including those related to sexual sphere.

Does hemorrhoids affect the potency, is interested in almost all men faced with this unpleasant problem. Further in article we will tell whether hemorrhoids are related to sexual potency, whether hemorrhoids affect potency and, if so, how, what to do if there are problems with potency due to hemorrhoids.

Can hemorrhoids affect potency?

Can hemorrhoids affect potency – this question is quite controversial. Most experts believe that there is no direct connection between hemorrhoids and impaired potency.

However, like any disease, hemorrhoids have negative effect on psychological state of man, as well as on work of other organs and systems, and this can already affect potency. Next, we will tell in more detail whether hemorrhoids can affect potency and how.

How does hemorrhoids affect potency of men?

As mentioned above, hemorrhoids and potency are indirectly related. First of all, disease adversely affects psychoemotional state of man.

Symptoms such as pain, bleeding, itching and burning in anus, not only worsen mood of man and embarrass him, but also reduce his libido. In addition, during intercourse, almost all muscles of perineum are strained, which further increases pain and discomfort.

Hemorrhoids and potency can be linked through another mechanism. As it is known, enlarged and inflamed hemorrhoids can reach significant sizes and exert pressure on prostate gland, often leading to prostatitis.

Also, blood stasis, which is observed in hemorrhoids, can lead to development of other diseases of urogenital system. This significantly worsens well-being of men, other unpleasant symptoms appear, as result of which libido suffers, erection and full sexual intercourse becomes impossible.

Thus, hemorrhoids and potency, albeit indirectly, are still related to each other. Hemorrhoids affect potency of negative, so if you experience first symptoms should consult doctor!

Hemorrhoids and sexual potency, what to do?

Based on foregoing, sexual potency greatly depends on ыomatic health of man. Negative effect of various diseases, separately effect of hemorrhoids on potency, cannot be denied.

Therefore, in order to reduce effect of hemorrhoids on potency, and even better to prevent it, one should promptly diagnose disease and begin its treatment! Depending on stage of hemorrhoids, apply either conservative methods of treatment (enzyme, painkillers, phlebotonic drugs, anticoagulants, etc.), or surgical treatment. After all, it is on health of man that sexual potency depends first of all!




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