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Types of Erectile Dysfunction

By on May 15, 2019

About erectile dysfunction say, if man can`t achieve or maintain erection sufficient to complete sexual intercourse. Various erection problems can occur in about 30 percent of all middle-aged men and become more common at older age. Experts believe that erectile dysfunction isn`t independent disease – it`s one of symptoms of other diseases or consequence of psychological problems.

Erectile dysfunction can be complete or partial. It can occur from the very beginning of sexual activity (primary) or after many years of normal sexual relations (secondary).

Complete primary erectile dysfunction is rather rare phenomenon, which is always associated with serious physiological disorders – pathology of structure and functions of genitals or nervous system.

Partial primary erectile dysfunction usually occurs in young people who have no sexual experience and lack self-confidence.

Complete secondary erectile dysfunction is most often symptom of various diseases affecting vascular, nervous, or hormonal system.

Partial secondary erectile dysfunction is often observed when sexual desire for partner decreases or fear of sexual failure appears. Depending on type, erectile dysfunction psychological treatment is used.

Vascululent erectile dysfunction

This type of erectile dysfunction is caused by poor blood flow to genital area. Arteriogenic erectile dysfunction is caused by narrowing of arteries responsible for filling penis with blood. Veno-occlusive erectile dysfunction develops if penile veins aren`t able to reduce narrowing of lumen and retain blood in cavernous bodies of penis.

Most often, vascular causes of erectile dysfunction are observed as result of development of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, such as effects of smoking or obesity. So, 35-50% of men with diabetes have erectile dysfunction.

In addition, vascular erectile dysfunction is consequence of injuries in genital area – effects of pelvic fracture or due to regular prolonged compression of vessels, for example, in professional cyclists.

Neurogenic erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be result of poor conduction of nerve impulses necessary for developing and maintaining erection. Such violation may be due to damage to brain and spinal cord or nerves in pelvic region and perineum. Most often this is consequence of neurodegenerative or oncological diseases, for example, Parkinson’s disease, injuries to brain and spinal cord, stroke, toxic damage to nervous system or diabetes complications – neuropathy.

Hormonal erectile dysfunction

This type of erectile dysfunction occurs when there is imbalance of sex hormones in body, most often main male sex hormone, testosterone. Lack of sex hormones affects both libido and erection itself. In addition, erectile dysfunction occurs with thyroid disease, Cushing’s disease, hormone-producing brain tumors and other diseases affecting hormonal system.

Iatrogenic erectile dysfunction

This is erection disorder caused by side effects of various drugs or effects of surgery and medical procedures. As a rule, it occurs in elderly patients, who are prescribed treatment for various diseases – drugs for hypertension, antidepressants, tranquilizers, drugs for treatment of ulcers are prescribed.

Iatrogenic erectile dysfunction can also be result of surgery on pelvic organs, radiation therapy, treatment of prostate cancer. Mental erectile dysfunction treatment is popular, when such kind appear.

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction

This type of erectile dysfunction develops in 10–20 percent of men, mostly young and middle-aged. Stress, depression, guilt feelings, anxiety and fear of sexual failure are most common causes of erectile dysfunction. They can be both permanent and situational – for example, in presence of specific partner. Unlike physiological disorders of erection, psychogenic erectile dysfunction can develop suddenly – after family quarrel, personal failure, loss of loved one.

It doesn`t matter how strong your disease is – erectile dysfunction treatment centers will help you with all your problems.




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