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Diabetes and impotence: solving problems with potency in men

By on May 14, 2019

Most men with diabetes of 1 or 2 type have potency problems. Researchers suggest that diabetes increases risk of erectile dysfunction by 3 times, compared with men of same age, who have normal blood sugar. In today’s article you will learn about effective measures for treating impotence in men with diabetes.

Causes of problems with potency in diabetes can be many, and doctor determines them together with patient. The list includes:

  • Impaired patency of blood vessels that feed penis.
  • Diabetic neuropathy – damage to nerves that control erection.
  • Reduced production of sex hormones.
  • Taking certain medications (antipsychotics, antidepressants, non-selective beta blockers).
  • Psychological impotence.

Why does diabetes affect potency?

In order for erection to occur, you need to pump about 100-150 ml of blood into penis, and then reliably block its exit from there until end of sexual intercourse. This requires good work of blood vessels, as well as nerves that control process. If diabetes is poorly compensated, i.e., blood sugar is kept chronically elevated, then it affects nervous system and blood vessels, and thus worsens male potency.

Glycation is reaction of glucose with proteins. The higher concentration of glucose in blood as result of diabetes, the more proteins undergo this reaction. Unfortunately, glycation of many proteins leads to disruption of their functioning. This applies to proteins, which form nervous system and walls of blood vessels. Produced “end products of glycation” – poisons for human body.

Diagnosis of deterioration of potency causes

Main way to diagnose male sexual weakness in diabetes is to collect information using questions, and also to refer patient to tests and examinations. Most likely, doctor will offer to fill out special questionnaire or will be limited to oral survey.

Doctors will be interested in what blood sugar level is norm for patient and how well diabetes is compensated. Find out blood sugar rates here. If complications of diabetes have already developed in kidneys, vision has deteriorated, patient complains of heart, diabetic damage to nervous system has been identified, then most likely problems with potency have “physical” cause.

If “experience” of diabetes is small and general state of health is good, then psychological erectile dysfunction treatment is necessary.

Examinations in treatment of impotence

To find out the state of blood vessels that feed penis, ultrasound is doing. This is called Doppler of cavernous bodies vessels. They may also prescribe intravenous pharmacodiagnostic study. Its essence is that in penis injection of drug that relaxes blood vessels is made, and it`s examined whether there will be erection.

If you have been prescribed intravenous pharmacodiagnostic study, then make sure that it`s done using prostaglandin E1. Previously, Papaverine or its combination with phentolamine was used for this purpose. But schemes with Papaverine too often caused complications, and now it`s recommended to replace it with prostaglandin E1.

Ways of diabetes and erectile dysfunction treatment

Best treatment for erectile dysfunction in diabetes is to lower blood sugar and keep it close to normal values. Doctor will insist that patient conduct intensive treatment of his diabetes, giving it time and energy. If you normalize blood sugar, then often this is enough to restore male potency to full.

Maintaining normal level of glucose in blood is best way to treat not only potency problems, but also all other complications of diabetes. Sexual function will improve because vascular lesion will slow down and symptoms of diabetic neuropathy will weaken.

At the same time, most diabetics complain that it`s almost impossible to lower blood sugar to normal. Because there are more cases of hypoglycemia. But there is real way to do it – just eat less carbohydrates. Focus on foods rich in protein and natural healthy fats.

So, as you can see, diabetes and erectile dysfunction treatment can be together. You must have good doctor to solve all the problems.




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