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Urologist’s advice: how to defeat impotence?

By on May 23, 2019

Impotence is disease, of course, not fatal, but it`s quite capable of poisoning life of both man himself and those around him.

Is impotence common problem?

In the medical language, inability of man to achieve and maintain erection is called “erectile dysfunction.” And it`s quite common today. Suffice it to say that about four out of ten men of sexually active age (from 20 to 50 years old) face this problem to greater or lesser extent.

What happens to men?

There are two main groups of erectile dysfunction causes. It`s believed that in 30-40% of cases it has psychogenic nature, and in 60-70% – organic. That is, there is disease behind violation of potency, which can heal, and potency itself can be improved.

For example, now very common circulatory system diseases (arterial hypertension, coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis), as well as diabetes mellitus, alcoholism can cause insufficient arterial permeability through which blood enters penis in response to sexual arousal.

Varicose disease or venous insufficiency of blood vessels of penis can be cause of accelerated outflow of blood through veins. This is so-called vasculogenous group of causes.

There is also neurogenic group, when there is impaired conduction of nerve trunks behind violation of erection, most often caused by diseases or injuries of spinal cord and spinal column.

Possible and hormonal causes of erectile dysfunction: either failure of male hormone (testosterone), which can occur during male menopause, some diseases of prostate and testicles, or excess of female hormones (in particular – estrogen), which is possible with some serious diseases of liver or brain.

At risk – heroic lovers and secret erotomans

Any microbe, especially sexual, is able to cause inflammation of prostate gland, that is, prostatitis. In prostate, the following occurs normally. Main hormone testosterone is transformed into its more active form, which is responsible for many male functions, including sexual desire (libido).

Hence, it`s clear that with inflammation of prostate gland, relative androgen deficiency will be observed. That is, hormone will be produced enough (in testicles), but with activity it will have problems. Patient with chronic prostatitis is unlikely to be lover hero: weakness, lethargy, apathy – these are his typical features.

In addition, prostatitis is often accompanied by pain, discomfort in groin, in perineum, which give testicles – and this also doesn`t contribute to sexual desire in men. When aches and hurts – somehow not to sex.

One pill isn`t enough, or look for woman

With current diagnostic capabilities, it will be easy for competent doctor to determine true reason for decrease in potency. And, according to reason to prescribe treatment.

If it is prostatitis, we treat prostatitis. If this hormonal deficiency is hypoandrogenic condition, then we give drugs of male hormone testosterone. If problem is in vessels, we prescribe vasoactive drugs, drugs that selectively improve blood flow of penis.

Impotence that occurred on background of serious somatic disease – diabetes mellitus or arterial hypertension – can`t be eliminated without treating underlying disease.

In some cases, to improve erection, operations aimed at creating additional arterial inflow to penis (with arterial and arteriovenous insufficiency) or at eliminating excessive venous discharge (venous leakage) are shown. Sometimes you have to resort to prosthetic penis. But most effective method of treatment today remains medical drugs such as Viagra. Their efficiency reaches 90%.

Useful recommendations

Pay attention to several recommendations in order to increase potency:

  • Organize work and rest schedule, get enough sleep, relax on weekends and during holidays, get more positive emotions.
  • Keep your body fit, exercise, keep track of weight.
  • Remember that nicotine, alcohol and drugs kill potency.
  • Eat right (don`t overeat, especially at night).
  • Learn how to cope with stress – main killers of potency, master relaxation techniques, do yoga, finally.
  • Emerging acute diseases of any organs don`t start, treat immediately and competently.







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