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Erectile dysfunction at young age

By on May 21, 2019

Reduced potency at young age is no longer such rarity. Erectile dysfunction isn`t only terrible after 40. Sexual disorders are diagnosed at age of 25 and even earlier. Reasons for this phenomenon lie in way of life of man.

Unfortunately, every year number of young impotents increases. Only small percentage of men turn to doctor when first abnormalities appear. Many close their eyes to this and hope that nothing can be cured, everything in itself is formed.

As result, condition only worsens, and appear the next symptoms:

  • Lack of sexual desire.
  • Spontaneous erection, which occurs in healthy men after waking from sleep, is absent.
  • Failure to be sufficiently aroused to perform sexual intercourse. Gradually, if you don`t take steps to recovery, erection will disappear altogether, and man wouldn`t be able to have sex. No matter how old man is, he may have problems in bed.

In order to consult doctor in time, you need to know first signs of erectile dysfunction:

  • First and most significant symptom of weak potency is absence of erection. If problems arise only during sexual intercourse, then reasons are hidden in psychological state of man. But when there isn`t even morning erection, you can think about impotence.
  • Weak erection. Signs of reduced potency can be attributed to lack of firmness of penis during sex. In this case, causes must be sought in hormonal, organic and other disorders of body.
  • Premature ejaculation. When man can`t keep erection to have full sexual intercourse and ejaculates at the beginning or before sex, then you also need to go to doctor.

These signs of reduced potency, together or separately, should be reason for urgent visit to specialist. Only he can determine causes of problem and prescribe appropriate treatment. In recent decades, impotence in young people is becoming more common. Erectile dysfunction occurs in guys 18-20 years old.

Causes of sexual dysfunction at young age

There are a lot of reasons for fact that even at age of 20-25 years there are problems with potency:

  • Experts consider first experience to be main one from early age. This greatly affects self-esteem and mental state of young man.
  • Genetic predisposition. Weak libido, and accordingly, erection can get from parents.
  • Violation of normal formation of sexuality in childhood and adolescence.
  • Replacing normal sexual intercourse with masturbation, peering, exhibitionism and other types of sexual deviations. In this case, real object can`t cause enough excitement and erectile dysfunction occurs.
  • Fear and self-doubt. These emotions can be cause of weak erection or lack thereof.
  • Inadequate behavior of girl. For example, loud laughter, unpleasant smell or severe intoxication.
  • Diseases of genitourinary system. Accurately determine cause of disorder will help sexologist.

What to do if potency is weakened?

Signs of weak potency at age of 20-30 years indicate that some disturbances have occurred in body, and in order to choose right treatment, you must first find out reasons. Impotence in young people requires consultation of various specialists. Depending on reason, man will need to visit psychologist, andrologist, urologist or sexologist. Every man who faced such problem at early age should understand that inaction wouldn`t lead to anything good.

Most often, impotence from early age begins under the influence of psychological factors. Unsuccessful first sex, fear of not meeting expectations of partner, can harm men’s health. In this case, treatment should be carried out by sexologist. It will help to cope with psychological nuances and restore self-confidence.

Often, for treatment of sexual impotence from an early age don`t use drugs and medicines. In most cases, young men don`t find any abnormalities of examination, therefore, erectile dysfunction is easily corrected.

If treatment is delayed, metabolism is disturbed, stagnant processes in pelvic organs develop, blood circulation is disturbed and man in 20 years can become impotent.

More movement

Early-nature impotence can occur in men who neglect physical activity. Because of this, overweight appears, blood circulation is disturbed and masculine strength weakens.

In order to not lose ability to enjoy full-fledged sex at 20 years of age and later, you need to move more. Walking in fresh air, morning jogging, enthusiasm for different sports have positive effect not only on male power, but also on state of whole organism. Good effect on potency of special gymnastics.

It consists of exercises such as squats, pelvic rises, tension and relaxation of muscles of perineum, walking in place. Just few minutes a day will help to fix existing and prevent possible problems. Men, who use these exercises, note surge of sexual energy, strength and improvement of mood.

If at age of 20 first signs of impotence appeared, this isn`t sentence. Early treatment will help to quickly fix situation. Problems with potency can occur completely in any man. And, age doesn`t play role at all. Erectile dysfunction psychological treatment techniques can be choosed by variety of causes and factors. In conditions of modern rhythm and lifestyle, young people have problems with potency in 20 years.

Therefore, decrease in erectile function isn`t age-related disease. Of course, rare, one-time recession of sexual active is considered norm. But, as soon as disorders recur with enviable regularity, it`s worth thinking.

We can speak about violations of potency only if misfires occur several times in row. One-time failures occur in every man. This is simple overwork. At young age, both erectile dysfunction and decreased libido can occur. Experts have established that, at age of 20-25 years, disorder of potency is rarely associated with serious organic diseases.

To conclude we must say, that diabetic erectile dysfunction treatment is also real and it works as good, as psychogenic erectile dysfunction treatment.




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