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Skin Care In Winter: Useful Tips

By on March 19, 2019

Piercing icy wind, sharp temperature drops, increased dryness of indoor air – all the above factors have a negative impact on the condition of your skin. Cell renewal is significantly reduced, the skin of the hands and face becomes dry, the hair fades, and the local circulation becomes worse. As a result, in the winter cold weather your skin is constantly peeling, formed a lot of small cracks and wounds, and on the face places appears unpleasant irritation.

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Of course, all of the above does not mean that in the cold season you have to sit, wrapped in a warm plaid and nose not show on the street. On the contrary, it means that the time has come for even more pamper caring procedures for their delicate skin. In a course can go both masks of own preparation, and branded cosmetic means. In order to enjoy in your pleasure frosty winter days, it is necessary, first of all, to focus on your menu. After all, during the winter our body feels an acute shortage of vitamins, and it immediately finds reflection on your face.

That is why it is necessary to take care of healthy and quality nutrition. In winter, try to use as much as possible eggs, green vegetables, and dairy products-all of them include a huge amount of vitamin A, which is extremely necessary for the health of your mucous membranes and facial skin. In addition, you will need vitamin E in sufficient quantities. You can find it in nuts, vegetable oil, sprouted grain of wheat and vegetables. It is also necessary to diversify their winter menu veal and chicken meat, seafood-they are very rich in animal proteins. In addition to full nutrition, you can stock up on polyvitamine complexes containing minerals, and use their course.

As well as the whole organism, the skin of the face in the winter period requires a strong diet. All summer light facial care products need to be replaced with more nutritious. They should be applied every evening and in the mornings, as well as for an hour before the cold. You should not abandon the tonal means-many of them not only help to equalize the complexion, but also do not clog the pores. In addition, you will get extra protection and nourishment for your face. If you are going to a ski resort, or just spend a fair amount of time in the frosty air, you should definitely buy for the face creams with sun filters. The winter sun is characterized by high UV-activity, therefore it is necessary to take care of proper prophylaxis.

But moisturizing means for a person it is better to remove on time in the farthest box of a table, because their improper application in winter can cause your skin irreparable harm. As you know, a large amount of moisture in winter for the skin is very unfavorable, but it is not necessary to neglect the water procedures. Just in winter the skin of the face needs to be cleaned properly so as not to cause even more damage. In winter, your skin becomes so sensitive that ordinary washing causes an unpleasant feeling of tightness. Cosmetic milk In this case will become you an undeniable helper. To remove the makeup should use only cleansing milk, after which it is necessary to apply for the face alcohol-free tonic.

To moisturize the skin in winter, we recommend using thermal water: Before bedtime in the evening, it is necessary to spray water on the face. After that it is obligatory to apply a nourishing cream. If in the frost you blush the tip of the nose, you need to do the strengthening of blood vessels. For this purpose it is necessary to finish with cold water each washing-vessels will become more trained, and redness shall go to nothingness.

In general, do not forget that winter is a very unfavorable time for the skin of your face. Oily skin can turn into a dry, and normal to be covered with a network of small wrinkles and cracks. Therefore, you should not neglect the fact that in the cold season of the year the skin needs special care. You should pay increased attention not only to the selection of moisturizing and toning products, but also to the decorative cosmetics. The latter should be characterized by high fat content and meet the necessary requirements and quality standards. In addition, you need to take care of a warm hat and good gloves-if you do not want to spring to lose a good part of his luxurious hair and flaunt with frozen red hands, safety measures must be used in advance.

Nowadays it is possible to find cosmetic means of special “winter” series both domestic and foreign production. Their main feature is that such tools contain a large amount of labolin and fats, which in windy frosty weather is best for your skin.




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