Aromatherapy And Essential Oils – Stress Relief

By on March 13, 2019

Aromatherapy is the effect of essential oils on the human body through inhalation, as well as contact with the skin or mucous membrane. In reserve at modern aromatherapy more than two thousand aromas. It is referred to the section of non-traditional medicine, studying the influence of aromas of essential oils on the body. There are such oils that affect the subconscious level and cause positive emotions: a sense of joy, love and happiness. Aromatic oils containing aphrodisiacs can help to awaken the partner sensuality, desire and diversify sex life.

Aromatherapy and essential oils

Sense of smell is a unique instrument of the human body, which is responsible for the perception of odors. It is known that smells can affect the psyche bypassing consciousness. It is only once to feel a certain smell, and immediately arises a specific memory associated with it. For example, the scent of your loved one’s perfume is only associated with it. You just smell a bottle of perfume, and immediately in memory pops up his image.

Essential oils are volatile substances that are contained in all parts of the plant. Usually they are the name of those plants from which were obtained. Magic aromas of love occupy one of the important places in aromatherapy. With their help you can increase your sexuality and attract the attention of the opposite sex. These oils include smells of flowers: roses, geraniums, Jasmine and many others. The aromas of love will always help to get rid of depression and relieve emotional tension.

Since ancient times people have used aroma oils to attract attention. It can be explained by the fact that the human body produces not the most pleasant natural smells. The question arises as to how can aromatherapy influence the attraction of opposite sexes to each other? Scientists have proved that the structure of essential oils is similar to human hormonal structures, so there is an influence on the psycho-physical level. Aromas of love, getting in the nose, contact with olfactory receptors and lead to the emergence of nerve impulses, which instantly increases the attraction.

Magic aromas are divided, there are both feminine and masculine. Men’s fragrances include:

Ginger – Increases potency, betrays force, opens a second breath;

• Sandal – Helps to develop imagination, increases potency;

Patchouli – Increases the sensuality of erogenous zones, promotes the improvement of the endocrine system, balances hormone production;

• Juniper – gives the man self-confidence, pushes for feats;

• Cinnamon – Introduces diversity into sex life, stimulates potency;

• Marjoram – Promotes the increase of potency, gives flexibility, the man becomes more sensitive.

Women’s fragrances are:

• Bergamot – Awakens the impulse of sexual energy;

• Rosemary – Ignites passion, prolongs erotic games;

• Geranium – Promotes Relaxation, awakens imagination and leads to long and gentle caresses;

• Rose – Relaxes, awakens passion, gives strength;

• Neroli – Increases the time of sexual experience.

Among all the flavors of aphrodisiacs, there are also those that are suitable for both men and women. These include:

• Orange – relaxes, relieves tension, increases desire;

• Ylang-Ylang – increases arousal, improves potency in men and increases sexual attraction in women, enhances our intuition.

A recipe of magic oil for massage

No one can resist this smell. It is better to choose fatty oils of avocado, jojoba, apricot seeds and almond oil. If it is not possible to buy them, olive oil is also suitable. For male massage, which woman makes a man, take 3 drops of ginger and add 10 grams of fat oil. For female massage It is necessary to take 4 drops of jasmine Oil and to add 10 grams of fatty oil. When massage it is necessary to gently smear the oil all over the body with gentle movements. At home it is necessary to create romantic atmosphere, to include quiet music, to light candles, on a bed it is desirable to scatter petals of roses and to dim light.

And finally the Secret of Magic kisses: that they were pleasant and tasty, they need to prepare. To do this you need to take a low-strong wine, in one tablespoon of honey add 4 drops of bergamot and stir. Then the received mixture should be poured into a bottle of wine and let it brew for 3 days in a warm and dark place. Be sure to shake the drink before use. Do not forget about the bed of passion: Take three drops of rosemary oil and evenly put it on the newly ironed bed. Natural essential oils do not leave traces.




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