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By on September 19, 2017
Happy Couple

Happy Couple

If you haven’t face premature ejaculation being a man, it does not mean that this condition will never become your reality. Everybody knows what it means. When a man cannot last long enough to satisfy his partner it can be PE, but still it remains to be proved. If such an awkward situation happens once or twice, it cannot be diagnosed as a deviation, but if it happens all the time during six months, in this case a doctor surely will recommend you some premature ejaculation pills.

It’s Natural For Men To Be Faster In Bed

When we speak about sexual intercourse, we include all known ways of sexual stimulation but it is well known that if a woman needs those games to be longer, a man is usually ready to start much faster and as a result this stimulation especially penile stimulation brings men to orgasm sooner just a few minutes after the start. Is it good or bad? It depends on your partner and quantity of minutes. Usually both partners would be glad to have more time before orgasm. So even if it is natural for man to rush, the time from the penetration to male orgasm should be about 5-7 minutes and if it is less than 1 minute it is not normal. Fortunately, last longer medicine offers several techniques and physical methods which men can practice in order to slow down and a range of best delay pills. And remember there are men who can last about 25 minutes!

Are You Sure To Have Premature Ejaculation?

We would like to emphasize that there is no reason for concern if time from time you cannot keep erection long enough. It can be the result of stress, depression or uncomfortable surrounding that makes you to hurry up with orgasm. But if you suffer from early ejaculation since you remember yourself as a sexual partner or later in your sexual life for rather long – about half a year, then it is the problem, which shouldn’t be kept in secret. Turn to a doctor, explain your symptoms and get the recommendations of last longer products and methods, which suit you.

What causes PE?

There are almost the same factors influencing men leading to premature ejaculation. The experts insist that if a man is involved in sexual encounter too early then he can have premature ejaculation as far as he is used to do it quickly so that the adults could not detect him. But this is not the only reason. The fears to fail to get erection can also make a man hurry up. Moreover the feature to get orgasm very quickly can be inherited and then only last longer in bed pills can help. And as we have already mentioned, anxiety and difficult times that make you be nervous are the probable cause for premature erection. Endocrine problems, health conditions with prostate ad urethra can be physical reasons. last longer in bed pills

How Can You Solve The Problem?

If you want cope with it without medications then you should practice exercises. You can try masturbation made the same day when you are going to have sexual intercourse. It is a usual thing that if you have sex several times a day the last one will be very slow and last for long time. Masturbating leads your organism to need of time for recovery. Another good way out is use more foreplay, develop a long arousing stimulation that make your penis to increase slowly. There is a well-known stop technique: when a man is almost has orgasm he should stop to recover. And another very alike method is Squeeze Technique when a man is close to orgasm, he squeeze his penis to take away desire to ejaculate. Now you should experiment with your partner and try different sex positions – sometimes it works. For example, full penetration makes sexual stimulation stronger, so you’d better restrict it.

Medications Treating PE

1. Premature ejaculation spays and creams. You can apply a last longer cream like Enlast and Viaman Delay Wipes directly to a penis and desensitize it delaying the premature ejaculation. Here we have minimal side effects of course if you buy products of high quality. Spray can be regarded as more convenient way. So you can try Promescent. It reduces sensibility and gives a man great control under his body.
2. PDE5 inhibitors. You know too well such drugs as generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and others, which are usually prescribed to cure ED but can help to prolong ejaculation also.
3. Chemical and herbal last longer pills. Here there are a range of targeted products meant only for early ejaculation. Priligy with working component Dapoxetine Hydrochloride is very effective. Pro Solution Plus without known side effects. PrematureX with L-Arginine, Folate and other ingredients. Thunderlast is 100% herbal drug helping to last longer in bed.
Duramale is another 100% natural product. Though herbal pills sound more attractive for some men, we would like to inform you that still the chemical pills for men to last longer in bed show the best result. In order to avoid the side effects, just consult with a doctor and tell him your health condition without hiding a word.



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