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How To Last Longer In Bed

By on July 26, 2017

How To Last Longer In Bed

Everybody knows such well-known prescription ED pills as Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra, Levitra. Instructions for each of them tell you how to make love longer. The above tabs have their own peculiarities as to the effect time and duration of action. Also men can use natural pills:

  • ProSolution,
  • VigRX Plus,
  • Extenze,
  • MaleExtra,
  • Vimax,

which are not so much discussed but still very helpful.

You understand that all those tabs are intended to make a man happy. They increase penis size and help a man get and keep harder or stronger erections that for sure leads to more satisfying sex that lasts longer in bed. In other words a man has a longer sexual intercourse of better quality.

But what is the difference between them? Now we are going to discuss the pros and cos of the both groups.

Chemical pills vs natural drugs

The prescription chemical pills are time-proved and highly safe. You can buy them at our site They make a man’s penis bigger due to the increasing blood flow and that provides an erection after a proper stimulation. In addition to brand Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra, Levitra you can buy the generic products, which can be offered over the counter. The otc sales do not mean they are of lower quality. Such tabs are very good! They are completely safe and have the same principle of action.

Nowadays there is the real competition between different ED remedies for being regarded as the best male enhancement pills. That battle has become even more severe lately due to competitive practices. The manufactures tell us how to last longer as a guy and use advanced technologies creating new products, among which there are:

  • Prosolution providing early ejaculation. It is for those men who can’t last long in bed and consists of the following main ingredients:
    1. Korean Ginseng, which increases the thickness and hardness of the penis and in such a way the tabs can increase the sexual satisfaction of a man who suffers from impotence;
    2. Butea Superba providing the effect of the tabs in 82.5 percent of all patients. It increases sexual interest and sexual function;
    3. Solidilin;
    4. Drilizen increasing levels of nitric oxide in the male body and boosting testosterone levels;
    5. Cordycyps improving male sexual performance;
    6. Curculigo improving the quality of erection and making a man ready for the next sexual without a long pause.
      Prosolution have no negative side effects even if a man administers it for years.

  • VigRX Plus being male pills to last longer. This herbal supplement results in ability to get and keep an erection and to increase the amount of orgasms. The main natural ingredient of this product is BioPerine made from Indian black pepper fruit. Together with outer herbs used in formula it adds potency. The other components are Damiana that has been always used for low libido and Puncture vine increasing the number of testosterone that leads to more strength.
  • Extenze providing erection and increasing sex drive. It is based on the unique herbal blend like Yohimbe, Gamma-Butyrolactone, Gingko, an arginine.
  • MaleExtra influencing blood flow and penile cell health. It provides a man with harder erections and increases penis size. It combines Pomegranate – used for treating prostate cancer; L-Arginine; Methyl Sulfonyl Methane participating in development of healthy cells; Creatine supplying energy; Cordyceps improving sexual desire; and element Zink.
  • Vimax being herb essence with a rare formula allowing to enlarge penis and resulting in sexual activity, improving orgasms and preventing a man from premature ejaculation.

Now you know how to last longer in bed and see that all the above remedies promise the best sex ever. Do they fulfill the promise? The patients prove the efficiency of them but the successful results make about 60-80 %. While Viagra or Cialis provide about 90% of the expected result. Moreover launched in 1998 by Pfizer Viagra for all these years has been used by men with different levels of deviations who prove its efficiency and safety. Cialis is a little bit younger but also well-known. At the same time those natural drugs have not been tried a lot though their components were used separately in ancient times just as a treatment for impotence and our ancestry knew how to last longer during sex that is why we can trust them. Another advantage is that they almost have no side effects comparing to Viagra, Cialis and other chemical products.

Thus you can choose whatever you want and decide which one suits you in a proper way.



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