Aromatherapy Slimming

By on April 19, 2019

The “aromatherapy” itself is now on everyone’s lips and has become a fairly fashionable trend. Most women create around themselves halos of different smells. We take baths with oils, apply perfume or deodorant. And all this is a huge amount of fragrances. Even in ancient times people used essential oils and knew their price. Whether it is a rose or ylang-ylang they all perform their function. Aromatherapy for slimming is not a myth, but a reality. It is necessary to spend a little time to study the influence of aromas on your organism in detail.


Smells are capable to work miracles, they affect different parts of the person and, accordingly, can manage them-to soothe, to remove emotional tension and to lift mood. Appetite or hunger can also be easily influenced by some fragrances. You, for sure, watched as the aroma of coffee beckons people and immediately want (no matter if you wanted earlier!) to drink a cup of heady drink.

Many fragrances are able to tame your appetite, and will become you a reliable assistant at the stage of slimming: Banana, apple, cinnamon, mint and vanilla.

Aromatherapy Slimming: Bath recipes to reduce appetite

The inhalation and enjoyment of a mixture of smells is able to work wonders with your appetite. I’m not trying to make my appetite disappear for long. No! You can adequately understand when it is really strong, which provokes you to eat something superfluous. That’s why you should manage your hunger.

First of all pay attention to such oils, as bergamot, pink geranium, lavender. 3 drops of each oil in the bath and… Enjoy no more than 5 minutes. This recipe is useful to you especially in the winter time when you want to eat always and sometimes not on business.

Juniper Oil has a very good effect on the nervous system, cleanses the skin and helps to remove toxins from the body.

Bath with 5-7 drops of cinnamon in the evening will relieve not only the tension of your body, but also create a feeling of satiety in the stomach.

Fennel, rosemary, lavender and jasmine can also fight elevated appetite. In addition, lavender improves intestinal motility and has a bactericidal property.

Do not forget to lose weight and grapefruit oil. The bitterness of grapefruit will make your blood sweet, let you not eat it now, but your receptors remember it.

I want to warn you that it is not necessary to overload the body and add almost no floor bottle in the bath. This will not help quickly and besides some oils may have a burning effect. You can apply a few drops of oil and on the skin, so you will constantly feel the protection from eating goodies.

Choosing essential oils, try to acquire quality and clean products. Your result will depend on it.

Aromatherapy for weight loss is a very effective and pleasant procedure! It will give you not only a lot of positive emotions, but also become for you motivating note in the process of weight loss.




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