Orlistat – diet pills for your health

By on May 9, 2019

Diet pills should be chosen carefully, after consulting with specialist. Indeed, among myriad of advertised drugs can make mistake, harm health. This is serious medicine that must undergo many clinical trials. Only effective safe drug will help get rid of extra pounds forever.

Orlistat helps people unsuccessfully trying to lose weight. All such means that doctors prescribe, have their own characteristics of admission: by observing them, you can achieve best result.

Mechanism of action

Drugs for weight loss, which are today recognized as really effective and safe, show their effect in small intestine. It is there that proteins, fats, carbohydrates, entered into our body with food, are absorbed, further transformed into energy or body fat – if we eat more than we consume calories.

Active substance of drug orlistat affects work of enzymes involved in breakdown and absorption of fat. Orlistat acts at molecular level: it forms bond with enzyme site, as result of which it loses activity, losing ability to break down fats.

As result, fats start to be absorbed less effectively – by full third. Under influence of active substance of drug, person begins to receive less unnecessary calories, losing weight over time. Action begins within 24–48 hours after ingestion. Course of taking diet pills is determined by doctor.

Action of orlistat is carried out in lumen of stomach and small intestine. It has been clinically proven that entire metabolism of this active substance is carried out in intestinal wall – without absorption of drug into bloodstream. Accordingly, such diet pills don`t have systemic effect. Therefore, this tool isn`t only effective, but also safe: orlistat is choice of doctors from advanced countries.

What guarantees effect?

Orlistat requires compliance with certain rules – degree of effectiveness of their reception will depend on it. To expect stunning effect from some “pills”, while lounging in armchair, eating with sweets, is, to put it mildly, recklessly. Of course, all calories aren`t absorbed, don`t settle extra pounds at waist. But goal of course of drug is to lose weight as much as possible! Taking diet pills, you need to observe gastronomic moderation and exercise physical activity.

In no case shouldn`t go completely on protein-carbohydrate diet, refusing fat. Fats are simply necessary for us (if only because they are building material of membranes of all cells of body).

In addition, carbohydrates are no less dangerous than fats. Any weight loss program requires balanced diet, which should include fat, only reducing their number. Having decided to lose weight with Orlistat, calculate your daily diet and subtract 500–600 calories from it (from number of those you consumed before course of diet pills). Low-calorie diet will increase effect of diet pills, ensure its stability by developing healthy eating habits.

How to achieve maximum results?

Orlistat is not only beautiful body, easy walking and desired size of jeans. Means to reduce weight improve quality of life, increase self-esteem, and even partly return youth. However, for this you need to work hard – you shouldn`t hope for only diet pills.

Diet pills + reasonable nutrition – consider, half the work done. But maximum effect of orlistat is achieved through physical exertion. Logic of body is simple: once ate so many calories – be kind, spend it! Otherwise, pill will act, though not “idle,” but not all “power.”

Orlistat is guarantee of losing excess weight. However, losing kilograms, we see how our skin loses its shape, sags and frowns. Such is price paid for sharp, sometimes just “sudden”, slimness. Sport will help to avoid this. Walking, jogging, swimming or cycling – everyone makes their own choice, but results always exceed expectations. Orlistat needs “maintenance therapy” in form of moderate diet and workout!

It`s better not to start program for getting rid of extra pounds by yourself – connect nutritionist or therapist. Doctor will prescribe medicine for you, develop optimal regimen of exercise and nutrition. Then struggle for slim figure will do without victims, and diet pills will prove their best!




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