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Varieties of Erectile Dysfunction

By on May 10, 2019

Erectile dysfunction, simply put, impotence is one of the most common diseases that andrologists face today. Currently, more than 50% of men over 45 suffer from this disease.

Medical term “erectile dysfunction” implies impossibility of achieving or to keeping penis in erection state until satisfaction with sexual activity is achieved.

Quite a long time was popular opinion that impotence is psychogenic factor. But after a lot of laboratory tests, it was proved that in most cases cause of erectile dysfunction lies in damage to blood vessels. The next information will be useful for every men and for those, who are interested in erectile dysfunction treatment without drugs.

Main types of erectile dysfunction in medicine

According to medical classification, 7 types of erectile dysfunction causes and treatment are distinguished:

  • Psychogenic. It is caused by decrease in sensitivity of cavernous tissue to effects of neurotransmitters on it. It`s observed in depression, fatigue, sexual deviations and fears, religious prejudice.
  • Vascululent erectile dysfunction. Reason for its occurrence is pathological and age-related damage to penile and coronary arteries. In addition to age, such damage is affected by congenital anomalies, injuries, hypertension, diabetes.
  • Hormonal erectile dysfunction. It appears when there is insufficient production of testosterone by body, which is observed in acquired or innate hypogonadism, as well as in natural decrease in production of this hormone.
  • Neurogenic dysfunction. Manifested as consequence of diseases and injuries of spinal cord or brain, preventing transmission of nerve signal to cavernous body.
  • Medical erectile dysfunction. It is observed in men for long time taking drugs that have negative impact on sexual function.
  • Cavernous erectile dysfunction. Number of reasons leading to such violations have not yet been finally determined. What is clear is that they cause dystrophy of smooth muscles of cavernous tissues and decrease in percentage ratio of elastic fibers to induction of development of fibrous tumors.
  • Mixed form of impotence. Here you can find causes of development of erectile dysfunction from each of above groups.

At present, every man has right to choose one of best Ukrainian urologists, andrologists, and sexopathologists, who is also practicing male intimate surgeon. You will receive competent advice, as well as medical care, including on basis of surgery. So it will be possible to solve problems with erectile dysfunction, no matter how serious they are. He will also help you to find best erectile dysfunction natural treatment options.




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